A Spurs’ Fan’s Guide To Minnesota
Hi there, welcome to Minnesota, we are glad to are here! Hopefully this document is informative and
answers some questions you have (or didn’t realize you did have until you read it).
Did I get a ticket to Open Practice? Probably not, there are not many and we do not control who gets
them. The club will email you as notification if you will receive a ticket. We do not have any additional
information on this.
Did I get a ticket to Golden Circle? See above.
Are the events free? For the most part, yes they are. The Open Practice, Golden Ticket and the actual
Match are ticketed event. Everything else is free, but may be subject to age restrictions (the pub crawl
and the brewery tour, as two examples).
Can I bring my kids to all the events? All the events at the Nomad are all ages as is the group photo at
the Walker Sculpture Garden.
Where can I find more information about all the event? Check out www.mnspurs.com/schedule
What’s the deal with St. Paul? Saint Paul is one-half of the Twin Cities (the most common reference to
the area). It is on the other side of the “river” which is the Mississippi, not to be confused with the
Minnesota or St. Croix Rivers which are also nearby. People from Minneapolis don’t visit St. Paul very
often and vice versa, and almost never move from one side of the river to the other. Accordingly, both
communities are sensitive to their respective cities’ reputations (restaurateurs often open two of the
same restaurants, one on each side of the river). This is why none of our sports teams are named after a
city, just the State. After all, we are polite and would not want to offend our neighbors.
That is a little strange? And the greatest example of our passive aggressive nature. For reference, The
Minnesota Wild and Minnesota United play on the St. Paul side of the river and the Minnesota Vikings,
Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Lynx play in Minneapolis. Not sure how the
St. Paul Saints (minor league baseball club) got away with it, very rude of them.
You don’t sound anything like Marge from “Fargo,” What gives? O-boy, how to start this one. Chances
are if you hear the Fargo drawl, you are speaking to someone from outside of the Twin Cities (see what I
did there?). People from the Northern part of the state sound a lot like the movie (which was a little
embellished to be fair). People from the Southern bit of the state also have a similar manner of
speaking, but it is more German influenced (vs Scandinavian in northern MN). Simplest way to tell them
apart? Southern MN accent more often uses present tense verbs when a past tense is in order. (e.g.
“She come out of the barn.”)
What Are Some Common Terms We Will Hear and What Do They Mean?
1. Pop – Soda to the rest of the world
2. The River – The Mississippi River.
3. The Lake – Lake Minnetonka to Minneapolis residents, White Bear Lake to St. Paul residents.
4. Skyways – Those 2 nd floor human gerbil tunnels in the two downtowns.

5. Up North – Everyone here has a cabin, your family is bequeathed one when they move here.
It does not necessarily literally mean up north, it means “to go to one’s cabin” irrespective
of direction from the Twin Cities.
6. The North – We are not the Midwest or even the upper Midwest, we are a district cultural
island 5 hours from the closest metropolitan area of >1M people, so we get our own name.
7. Duck, Duck, Grey Duck: See “The North.”
8. Yeah – A word that is more of a verbal tick than anything else, kind of like our Canadian
version of “Ay?”
9. Interesting – A response to something you just said. We probably do not find whatever you
said to actually be “interesting” it is just our way of being nice and not telling you what we
really think.
10. Maybe – A response to an offer. It means “No.”
11. Cold – Below 20 0 Fahrenheit (15 0 if no sun).
12. Kitty-Corner – Directionally across the street, Caddycorner to most.
13. Meat Raffle – Typically found in “muni’s” or local bars, really no description needed.
14. Pull Tabs – Charitable gambling, available at most muni’s (both during, before and after the
meat raffle) that supports local youth athletics, typically hockey. And yes, we recognize the
irony of gambling to support youth athletics.
15. Bag – Something your purchases are put into for easy transportation, but we drawl the A.
Even us city folks fall prey to this one.