U.S. Bank Stadium Bag and Banner/Flag Policies for Tottenham vs. AC Milan

Our Chairman has been in communication with U.S. Bank Stadium and has secured some information on bag and banner/flag policies for the match.  See information below.

Clear Bag Policy

UPDATE!!!! U.S. Bank Stadium just updated us and changed their decision.  They WILL be enforcing their usual clear bag policy during this match.  If you have gone to any NFL game, you know the rules.  For more info on that read their normal bag policy rules here 


Please review the information below on prohibited items.  

U.S. Bank Stadium Protocols and Procedures FOR TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR V.S AC MILAN

  • Prohibited Items: We will enforce all of our prohibited items like we normally would for all events at the stadium. The ONLY prohibited item that we will not enforce is our banner size. We will allow your supporters to bring in banners and flags that are larger than the normal size. No sticks, poles, brooms, selfie-sticks, noise makers of any kind etc. ONLY the actual flag or banner will be permitted.
    • Banner Size: If possible, please send Minneapolis Spurs (  pictures and quantity of the banners that will want to come into the stadium for this event by July 29th.  We will forward this information to U.S. Bank Stadium.
  • Entrance: We have several entrances into the stadium. ALL Gates open at 5:30pm for a 7:30pm start time. For your supporters and to help process your group, I would encourage you guys to come early to the event and come to our Legacy Gate near tents 2-4 (SW side of stadium across from the Viking ship). At this location, our security staff will be able to work with your supporters making sure all items are okay to be brought in and also to answer any questions that you have.
  • Code of Conduct: Your enjoyment of the game is important, however, the safety and security of your groups, all guests and staff is our number one priority. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fan behavior if anyone violates our code of conduct or is disorderly.
  • Need more information about safety and security (Prohibited Items):